Jenny – Financial Wellness Coach

Free As

A Bird

Jenny – Financial Wellness Coach

Free As

A Bird

Intention. Alignment. Transformation.

Are you ready to attract abundance into your life and gain clarity and control over your finances? Is it time to change the money story you’ve been telling yourself? If you’re reading this, the answer is probably YES! Inquire about programs, workshops and private coaching that will give you the space and clarity you need to implement customized systems to transform your financial life. Together we will unpack your current relationship with money and craft a vision, take action, and adjust your mindset to align your goals, priorities and intentions with your spending and saving habits! You got this!

about Jenny

Jenny is a financial wellness coach who helps young families and entrepreneurs change their relationship with money and live a life in alignment with their values.

In addition to her work as a Financial Wellness Coach, Jenny is a speaker, facilitator for group coaching programs, workshops, and retreats, and continues to run another local business with her husband, Paul.

Jenny enjoys gardening, exploring the PNW, and living a debt-free life on her property in the woods. Jenny and her husband homeschool their three sons and are committed to sustainability, being a steward of the earth, and living a life that is in full alignment with their values and priorities.

Jenny is available for private Financial Wellness Coaching with individual clients, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. She offers a group coaching program that runs seasonally for women in Whatcom and Skagit Counties, and hosts a monthly accounting meet-up for small business owners the first week of every month.



Free as a Bird Financial Wellness

This work is customized depending on the situation of the client.

The minimum is a 3-month contract, meeting twice a month.

You will get out of this program what you put into it. 

The Financial Wellness Program is a process where the coach will guide, motivate, and assist the client in transforming their money lives from one of stress, frustration, and confusion to one of clarity, simplicity and intentionality. People who aren’t in control of their money come to accept negative feelings such as stress, anxiety, and frustration around money as conventional and unavoidable, this doesn’t have to be so.

This program covers your values, mindset, feelings, habits and beliefs regarding money. It examines your spending patterns and tendencies, and together we create a budget/spending plan after thorough review of your priorities and lifestyle. In addition, we will produce a debt payoff schedule, annual spending plan, and saving plans that are in alignment with your goals.

This program is used with individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Are you ready to face your beliefs about money and take action?

a holistic approach to financial wellness and intentional living

Time. Money. Energy.

"Jenny has a fresh approach to old problems. She is approachable, but tough when needed. Her unique balance of skill combined with direct charm, makes her your go-to financial coach."

Lori, Portland, OR

"Jenny's passion and dedication to guiding people to freedom from financial and organizational chaos is clear the first moment you speak to her. Her standards are high and her compassion is wide. She's done the work and walks the talk."

-Jodi, Shoreline, WA

"Jenny has the ability to make financial struggles seem manageable. She has practical solutions and a deep understanding of how to listen without judgement. If you feel like you're in too deep, you're not! Jenny can help! Don't suffer any longer."

-Ryan, Bellevue, WA

Your financial wellness journey starts with a complimentary consult.